Abbie Lorensen, EI

Civil Designer II

Ms. Lorensen is a Design Engineer at Qunity with 5 years of experience in civil environmental and water resource engineering. Her background includes analysis and design of wastewater and storm drainage conveyance; fish transport, passage; treatment systems, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling.

Ms. Lorensen has past work experience with engineering design firms and public works departments in Washington state where she has worked on a large variety of projects around the country.


Seattle Public Utilities Stormwater Management Model, Seattle, WA

Ms. Lorensen worked to develop and calibrate a hydraulic and hydrologic model consisting of 20 high-priority basins within the City of Seattle. This model was developed to be used as an options analysis tool for future projects.

Picnic Point Treatment Plant Outfall Upgrade, Edmonds, WA

Ms. Lorensen was a Project Engineer for the assessment of the structural integrity and capacity of the existing outfall at the Picnic Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, and design of a replacement outfall.

Wastewater Treatment Installation, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Ms. Lorensen was a Project Engineer for the design and construction of an agricultural wastewater treatment system for a small coffee farm outside of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Coffee processing produces an acidic wastewater that if not infiltrated properly can negatively impact the community’s drinking water and irrigation water quality. The system (still in use) consists of two roughing filters, and three sand infiltration ponds.

Clarks Creek Fish Hatchery Replacement, Puyallup, WA

Ms. Lorensen worked as a Project Engineer for the design and construction services for the reconstruction of the Clarks Creek (a.k.a Puyallup) hatchery and its conversion from a predominantly trout program to a salmon program. The site is listed on the National Historic Register and required coordination with interest groups to coordinate replacement of structures with new structures that would provide the hatchery with a 50-year life. Ms. Lorensen worked to design the water supply intake, conveyance piping, rearing facilities, pollution abatement and associated infrastructure, and saw the project through construction.