Making North Carolina a better place to live, work, learn, and play

We know North Carolina is changing, and we’re changing right alongside it. As our clients and communities evolve, so do our civil engineering, land planning and landscape architecture services. Whether you work on residential, commercial, municipal or education projects, Qunity brings the deep experience, local connections and creative problem solving you need to deliver at the highest level.


North Carolina has one of the top 10 residential markets in the country, and our services have played a part in keeping this market strong. Qunity’s planners, engineers, and landscape architects provide an array of services to develop attractive residential communities, from small neighborhoods to large subdivisions—from single-family homes to townhomes, apartments, and duplexes.


We take clients’ ideas from concepts to concrete, creating the places that people call home. We identify the legal, financial, and environmental challenges and opportunities associated with a property and assist clients in determining the right course of action to achieve their development goals.


Commercial development both drives and supports residential growth. At Qunity, we have the nuanced knowledge necessary to consult on any kind of commercial space, whether you’re building something new, looking to convert an existing structure, or seeking experts to increase your footprint.


Guided by design principles that emphasize community engagement, we design commercial centers that create jobs, attract visitors, and encourage people to gather. Our projects range from simple shopping plazas to large, urban mixed-use developments that integrate living, working, and playing. But no matter the size, each development has a strong connection to the local culture.


Our goal at Qunity is to design modern, efficient, and beautiful civic spaces that bring people together and address their needs. From sidewalks that serve our towns to community centers where people of all ages can meet, learn, or create —indoors and outdoors—our public space designs help communities flourish.


In fact, we’ve expanded our portfolio of design service offerings to meet the diverse needs of today’s municipalities by offering public works inspections in addition to construction management.


North Carolina’s future depends on the quality of the schools that educate our children and shape their minds. That’s why we’re actively working with public and charter schools to assess their facilities for ADA compliance, as well as doing our part to create beautiful, functional, inspiring spaces where children, teachers, and mentors can thrive.