Sutton Station

5790 Fayetteville Rd Durham

Sutton Station was one of Durham’s first true mixed-use projects incorporating 100,000 sf of office space; 48,000 SF of commercial space and 57 upper story apartments in a mix of 1-2 and 3-story buildings on 15.94 acres. The project was started in 1999 with completion of the final phases in 2006 and updates in 2014.

The design won the 2008 Golden Leaf Awards from the City of Durham.

JURY COMMENTS: In a world of strip mall development, Sutton Station shows that there is a better way. With plazas, colonnades, and a fountain that evoke images of European markets, this mixed use development creates a place that encourages visitor to walk, relax and enjoy their surroundings. The buildings are oriented to have a strong presence on the street through a raised profile, which is a difficult task in such a high traffic area. Ample landscaping, pedestrian amenities and generous use of design elements set this project apart from its competitors. The jurors were impressed by the well designed pedestrian spaces and the uniqueness of the design to is surroundings. One juror simply stated that the colonnades make the project.