Ariel Gamboa, PE

VP | Chief Engineer + Strategy Officer

With 25+ years of experience in civil site design, operational management, strategic thinking and with a unique ability to promote a socially responsible culture of accountability and excellence, Ariel plays a key role by focusing on employee development & empowerment, while providing a collaborative and motivational environment where all are free to express their ideas. Under his leadership, Qunity continues to positively impact our community by creating an environment where professionals thrive and do their best work. 

As Qunity’s Strategy Officer, Ariel is equally committed to the vitality of the region’s business climate and keeps a keen eye on emerging trends, new possibilities, and the industry’s best ideas. His highly competitive spirit, technical training, comprehensive knowledge of administrative operations, awareness of customer expectations, and deep desire to serve and lead, perfectly enhances our leadership team.



  • Duke University Medical Center | Major Hospital expansion * 
  • Duke University Medical Center | Duke Cancer Center * 
  • Durham Public School | Sherwood Githens Middle School – Athletic fields * 
  • Forest Ridge Park * 
  • Lake Rogers Park * 
  • Corning at Treyburn * 
  • Croasdaile Farms subdivision * 
  • Ronald McDonald House in Durham * 
  • State Employees Credit Union * 

*Project history prior to Qunity

  • Civil Engineering -Structural | Private University of Bolivia