Eric Etheredge

Project Inspector

Mr. Etheredge is an inspector at Qunity with 33 years of experience in residential and commercial water/sewer installation. His background experience includes wastewater reclamation facilities, location of underground water systems, valves, and meters for inspection and troubleshooting. Mr. Etheredge has past work experience with engineering design firms, and the City of Durham Water Sewer Maintenance located in North Carolina where he has worked on a large variety of projects within the triad.


American Tobacco – Durham, NC.

Mr. Etheredge was an inspector for this $25 million investment in water and sanitary sewer infrastructure. Mr. Etheredge provided his expertise during phase one in the construction of approximately 24,000 linear feet (LF) of existing 8- to 16-inch distribution waterlines and 8,800 LF of 36-inch transmission main, evaluation, replacement, rehabilitation, and point repairs for approximately 33,000 LF of existing 6- to 18-inch sanitary sewer, flow monitoring and development of a sewer model near the project area to determine sewer replacement sizes based on current and future projected flows.

Northern Durham WRF Arcadia Street – Durham, NC.

Mr. Etheredge was an inspector for NDWRF Arcadia Street ($1.1 million), located in Durham. Upon completion of water line replacement Mr. Etheredge was responsible for inspections of the furnishing of all materials, labor, equipment, tools, for the complete installation of: Extension of approximately 700 linear feet of 8” water main near the City of Durham North Durham Water Reclamation Facility (NDWRF) plant site, installation of approximately 1,520 LF of 8” and 4” reclaimed waterline near NDWRF to entrance gate to City of Durham Department of Water Management facility at 1600 Mist Lake Drive, replacement of approximately 2,125 linear feet of 6” water main on Acadia Street, near Duke Park in Durham, installation of approximately 205 LF of 18-inch sanitary sewer across Fletcher’s Chapel Rd to manhole at City of Durham pump station and removal and abandonment in place of portions of existing sanitary sewer. 

  • High School Diploma
    Charles E. Jordan High Durham, NC