John W. Rives, PE

Senior Project Inspector

Mr. Rives is an engineering inspector at Qunity with over 36 years in public infrastructure design and construction inspections. His experience consists of roadway, utility, storm drainage, grading, and paving inspections.

Mr. Rives served as a design engineer for 4 years and as the construction engineer and supervisor of the engineering inspections group in the City of Durham Public Works Department for 32 years where he developed a deep understanding of the construction process. The knowledge of the department’s inner workings and the contacts he obtained during his employment at the City have proved invaluable when an issue is encountered on a project that necessitates a non-conventional solution, but also requires approval by City staff. Mr. Rives was responsible for training staff the proper way to perform inspections and has performed an incalculable number of inspections of form work for sidewalks and curb ramps.


SW-76C Sidewalk and Curb Ramp Replacement, Durham, NC – Project Inspector

Mr. Rives currently provides inspection for the installation of new sidewalk, repairs to existing sidewalk, and replacement of curb ramp to PROWAG standards. He is trained in PROWAG compliance and has a wealth of information that can help residents understand the need for ramp improvements for ADA accessibility. He can convey impacts to resident’s property in a simple and understandable manner. He has deep experience in making field adjustments to ensure the construction results are to standard.

(ST-287C) Historical Paver Research – Durham, NC  

Mr. Rives was responsible for researching archived construction documents to provide unknown pavement sections for use in the City of Durham Paver program as a part of the City of Durham asset management plan. His historical knowledge of the existing infrastructure of the City of Durham obtained over his 36-year career in the City of Durham Public Works Department allowed him to provide a unique perspective to the project.

  • Civil Engineering Construction
    North Carolina State University,
    Raleigh, NC