Lee Murphy, PE

Senior Project Engineer

Mr. Murphy has over 32 years of professional experience in all areas of highway and municipal engineering.  After working in Greenville, NC as Assistant City Engineer and Wake Forest as Town Engineer early in his career, he moved to Durham in 1987. As Engineering and Stormwater Manager for Durham, he managed over 96 employees.  He was responsible for implementing the City’s program for thoroughfare, street improvements, sidewalk improvements, street resurfacing, stormwater infrastructure improvements, water distribution, sewer collection, and sewer rehabilitation. His responsibilities included overall project control and responsibility for all aspects of roadway design and construction. Past experience in Durham includes; public liaison, environmental documents, design, permitting, mitigation, ROW mapping, acquisition, bidding and construction administration.  


Carver Street Extension – Durham, NC

Carver Street is a one mile roadway extension on new alignment. It includes a roundabout conversion at an existing intersection and  a traffic signal modification to include mast arms. The roadway cross section include bike lanes and sidewalk on both sides with provisions for U-turns at all intersection streets. In order to comply with Neuse Buffer and local stormwater regulations, the cross section includes a grass swale in the median as a regulatory BMP in addition to two constructed wetlands off site. FEMA stream crossings required  HEC-RAS modeling resulting  in a no-rise certification.  BREE & Associates began design in April and all environmental permits and mitigation is secured. Currently the plans are at 90% and we are in the ROW stage with final NC DOT encroachment approval pending

Martin Luther King JR. Parkway – Durham, NC.  

This is a 4.5 mile multilane divided thoroughfare with landscaped median and bike lanes. It was designed and constructed in 4 phases and included a major bridge, wetland permitting, mitigation, numerous floodplain crossings, ROW acquisition, and utilities. The initial phase included condemnations and the purchase of twenty four units in the Village of Cornwallis.  Phase 2 included extensive wetland permitting and draining an existing lake to allow the dam to be relocated for the highway construction. 

Fayetteville Road widening – Durham, NC.

This one mile multilane highway with landscaped median included significant ROW acquisition and utility relocation issues. Mr. Murphy led negotiations with Duke Power over relocations of overhead power lines ultimately ending with no relocation charges to Durham.

Woodcroft Parkway roundabout – Durham, NC.

This project retrofitted a new roundabout at the existing intersection of Woodcroft Parkway and Highgate Drive. Coordinating bus routes and traffic issues during construction on an existing intersection was a major part of this project.

Stadium Drive Extension – Durham, NC.

This three quarter mile roadway on new alignment included a greenway trail along one side of the roadway in addition to signals and turn lanes at intersection streets.

American Tobacco Trail – Durham, NC.

Mr. Murphy served as project manager for design of the last phase of this 24 mile paved greenway trail that includes 4 miles of bicycle and pedestrian trail including a pedestrian bridge over Interstate 40. This project had significant ROW and permitting issues.

  • BS Civil Engineering – North Carolina State University