Melissa Barilla

Landscape Designer III

Melissa Barilla is a Landscape Designer III at Qunity with 12 years of experience in land planning, landscape design and architectural design. Her background experience includes site layout design, landscape and planting plans, amenity design, annexations, rezonings and as-built plans for both single family and multi-family residential developments.  

Melissa has past work experience with an architecture firm in Pennsylvania and with an engineering design firm in Durham North Carolina where she has worked on various size projects across the greater Raleigh-Durham area.


Andrews Chapel – Durham, NC.

Mrs. Barilla was land planner and lead CAD technician on this 114-acre tract with a mix of multi-family and single family housing types. She assisted with land planning, landscape plans and amenity design for the project. She worked through all stages of the design starting with rezoning, moving on to site plan and construction document phases and finished with preparing and submitting as-built packages after construction.

Center For Hope – Durham, NC.

Mrs. Barilla was landscape designer and lead CAD technician on this urban redevelopment project. The project included the demolition and recombination of multiple downtown blocks, providing site design to incorporate multiple new dormitory building, new parking and landscape design.  Melissa also produced a 3-D rendered model of the entire campus including the 21,000 SF homeless and education center.

Shoccoree I & II – Durham, NC.

Mrs. Barilla was land planner and lead CAD technician on this 100-acre combined RS-20 zoned tract with 166 single family lots. Melissa provided site layout, buffer planting design, street tree locations, lot and open space calculations, tree preservation areas and detailed phasing plans.

Trivium – Durham, NC.

Mrs. Barilla was land planner and landscape designer for this 29-acre townhome subdivision. Project included public and private roadways, layout design, buffer plantings, street tree locations, tree replacement area calculations and detailed amenity design including pool, play fields, pocket parks and trail.  

Rezonings and Annexations – Durham, NC.

Mrs. Barilla has aided in the completion of various rezonings and annexations while working in Durham, from smaller 5-acre tracts to projects exceeding 100 acres. Projects varied in development type including single family residential, multi-family townhome, multi-family apartment and mixed residential uses combining the three types.  Melissa provided exhibits

  • B. Architecture/2009 Drexel University
    Philadelphia, PA