How Qunity Came to Durham, North Carolina

February 28, 2023
Jessica Howard, CSEP, CPSM

Founded and established in 1988 by Ronald Horvath, PE, Qunity (formerly Horvath Associates) has been a prominent civil engineering firm with over 30 years of experience in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. Today the firm’s managing partners have over 75 years of experience in site development design, permitting, and construction administration, but none of this happened overnight.

The firm of Horvath Associates was the result of hard work, persistence, and talent.  After working as a designer/partner for an architectural & engineering firm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Ron Horvath decided to start his own firm just up the road in Durham, North Carolina. To him and his family, Durham was the perfect city to build a business that could thrive, and it was on the cusp of becoming the burgeoning city that it is now. Both Ron and his wife had come from a blue-collar background, and Durham felt like home.

Initially, Ron worked from home with the help of his wife and one draftsperson. Working from there, he built a client base in less than a year that allowed him to move into his first office. The firm grew, and more space was needed. The space that the company now occupies was built in 1998 to accommodate that growth. Growth meant change, and partners were added starting in 1999. Ron retired in 2015 and sold the firm to his partners, who have used the same business and personal philosophy that Ron had espoused from the beginning:  the needs of the client are met in a professional, skilled, and timely manner, and employees are treated as family. Today, as it celebrates its 35th year in business, Qunity continues to grow while holding those same values close to home.

Jessica Howard, CSEP, CPSM
Jessica is a creative strategist with over 5 years of experience in digital marketing and brand design. After spending time executing strategic marketing initiatives with nationally recognized lifestyle brands and non-profit event productions, Jessica turned her high energy and community engagement skills to the A/E/C industry. With Qunity since 2021,...
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